Pimp Your Style Identity Confidence

“What you wear is your way of presenting yourself to the world,
especially now that we live in an era where human contact is so fast.
Fashion is an instant language.”

Miuccia Prada

Welcome to PMS

We help people to find the right outfit to face everyday situations with style.

we know that in today's times, making a good impression is often more important than we want to admit.

In the interview for your dream job, on the first date with the person who makes you falled in love.

There are dozens of situations where first impressions count, and a lot.

Why do we do this?

People often ask us for style tips and advice on their outfits.

Some people are very busy with work and household chores and do not have time for shopping.

Others simply have bad taste, and prefer to rely on an expert.

What We Do


We provide you 3 outfits each month, designed by fashion professionals and always in step with trends and seasonality.

Each outfit contains detailed information and links to buy the items in a simple and direct way.

Are you ready to revamp your look?

Who we Are

Alex & Karen.
We met 14 years ago at the Royal College of Art in London.

Soon our friendship blossomed into love, and after a few years we opened our first Atelier together.

Today our family has 8 employees and we proudly work to help you find your identity.


You will receive 3 outfits every month at the modest price of 9.90 €.
Less than 4€ for each outfit.

Sure, you can cancel at any time without any constraint

yes. we provide both men’s and women’s outfits.  
In addition, you can choose between a more elegant style and a more casual one.


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